About Me

Grew up in Brooklyn, now live in Forest Hills, Queens NY.

I’ve always been into programming and computers.  Ever since as a kid, I used to play around with DOS and QBasic. Tinkering with software was always fun.  My first for loop was to draw a rainbow of all 256 colors on the screen in QBasic. In High School, I got more deep into programming in C with OpenGL tutorials, making small silly simple games and modding the Half Life SDK when it first came out.  I also came in first place with a team of other talented classmates in a Digital Newspaper Contest, building a website for our high school’s newspaper.  Then there was College, got a Comp-Sci degree with a minor in Film.

Today I’m mostly focused on building Android Apps, because it’s pretty fun.

I’m also into Python, and iOS/Objective-C.  Looking forward to learning Swift.

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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